Tutoring the Whole Writer works with writers to accomplish several goals, depending on the writer’s needs and the individual project. The following lists are some of the outcomes writers can expect, projects writers might need assistance with, and categories of feedback writers can choose from in a given session.

Prewriting or Early Drafting
Complete Feedback and Editing on Full Draft
Proofreading (No Comments)

Re-see a piece of writing
Understand the writer’s individual writing process
Increase ease with writing
Develop revision skills for use beyond one piece of writing
Balance audience expectations with the writer’s interest and skill level

Written Components to Academic Standardized Tests (SAT, etc)
College or University Classroom Assignments
College or University Application/Personal Statements
Graduate or Professional School Application/Personal Statements
Scholarship, Fellowship, or Post-Doc  Application/Personal Statements
Masters Thesis
Doctoral Dissertations
Academic Articles
Web Content
Employment Cover Letters
Oral Presentations – Writing and/or Slideshow Prep


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