About Me

From the time I could hold a crayon, I loved the written word. Even at that young age I could feel the healing qualities of journaling. Today, I have over forty personal journals filled with the details, big ideas, and general mumblings of my journeys.  In elementary school, surprisingly, I never thought I was a great writer – and neither did my teachers! But as I entered high school and college, I found the right writing voice for me.  And I fell in love with the written word all over again.

Nearly twenty years since my first tutoring job at a community college writing center,  I have helped over a thousand writers re-see their relationship to their own writing.  Through Tutoring the Whole Writer, writers receive the benefit of my passion for writing and my broad spectrum of experience and expertise.

My teaching, tutoring, and editing experience has brought me to the table with learners developing basic writing skills to accomplished PhD students completing their dissertations.  All of my work is rooted in a mentoring and coaching relationship with learners of varying cultural backgrounds and levels of confidence with their writing.  My mentorship brings writers to new levels of understanding about and a stronger relationship with their own writing processes. Here is an overview of my achievements:

  • Developed and delivered writing workshops for writers across disciplines as a peer tutor and tutor trainer at a Writing Center
  • Completed Masters in English with emphasis on the teaching of writing
  • Taught writing and literature before and while earning a law degree
  • Created and delivered legal writing workshops for the Tucson Indian Center Legal Referral Program
  • Completed Juris Doctorate (law degree) and LLM (advanced law degree)
  • Taught Law and American Indian Studies at UCLA, including legal,  proposal, and other technical writing
  • Served on several Masters thesis and PhD dissertation committees and mentored students to completion of their degree work
  • Presented on writing, law , and American Indian Studies to under-represented students through UCLA’s SITE Program.
  • Mentored college students on their law and graduate school cover letters and applications through Graduate Horizons
  • Taught writing online through Ashford University
  • Currently teaching writing at University of Southern California.

I look forward to sharing my expertise in writing and law –  and helping you develop your writing skills and ideas.

To learn more about my professional background, please view my LinkedIn profile for more information.


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