College Application Essay Due Soon?

Yes, it is that time of year – the season when coffee shops across the country steam lattes far into the night hours.  It is the college application season.

Whether you are applying to college, university, graduate school, law school, business school, or medical school, admissions applications nearly all require writing.  Some schools provide prompts for the applicant to respond to and other schools leave the personal essay (or personal statement) entirely open-ended. Nonetheless, student-applicants often feel overwhelmed by the task – and for good reason. It is a complicated set of requests: be personal, but not too personal; discuss the school, but remember the essay is all about you; persuade, but don’t overdo it….

There is no perfect template for writing the perfect admissions essay.  There are, however, common concerns most writers share about their experience writing one:

How do I make the ‘personal essay’ personal?
I want to persuade without ‘selling.’

Highlight one example from your life experience when you demonstrated perseverance.  Then analogize that experience to your decision to apply to, enroll in, and excel at college. Admissions committees tend to look favorably upon applicants who express both the ability to overcome challenges and relate that experience to how they will succeed in college/grad school.

Writers commonly miss the opportunity to make the link between the challenge they decide to write about and how that equates to their potential as an excellent college/grad student.  Avoid simply sharing the perseverance story; without connecting it to the reasons why your application belongs in the ‘yes’ pile, you lose your chance to persuade the admissions staff of your other excellent qualifications.

When you are ready to seek advice on this process:
1. Sign up for a pre-writing session
2. I will provide prompts to help you reflect on your relevant personal experience
3. Together, we will find appropriate ways to incorporate that experience into the essay

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