Writers and Time

Woody Allen is known for his movies, and his writerly work ethic.  He writes every single day, without fail.

Not all writers can produce with such unyielding dedication.  Families, school, and work call on us to manage time in different ways, every day.   As a writer or a student writer, how well do you manage your time?  Do you often complete your projects at 4am when they are due at 9am? If so, how familiar are you with the full quality of your writing?  If you would like some tools, including a free and fast online assessment of your time management skills, visit Mind Tools. It is a career development site with hundreds of short articles and videos on all things related to time management.

Mark Twain once wrote, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”  It takes time to write succinctly. If you plan ahead and give yourself the time to think, draft, and revise your writing, you might be surprised at the high quality you are capable of.  Through Tutoring the Whole Writer, you can learn more about how to manage your writing and revising time more efficiently, including those instances when time is particularly short.