Evaluating Web Sources

Writers of all levels often turn to resources other than their lived experience to support ideas they convey in their work.  Searching for those resources  – researching – can be daunting, especially given the overload of available information on the internet. Learning how to be picky about which resources are valuable for your writing project (and which ones are not) starts with, well, research.  Yes, it might take research to figure out how to conduct successful research!

Here is a start.

One of my mentors, Dr. Pat Belanoff, co-authored a book called A Community of Writers (McGraw Hill, 1999).  Since then, the publisher has posted a series of online workshops helping writers work on their own writing processes. One of the workshops is about evaluating research and provides helpful tools for understanding, finding, and deciphering sources for research projects. Visit Being A Writer: Workshop 11: Research to view their suggestions.  They also offer sample exercises to help you test the tools they offer as well as links to other resources on formatting web citations in your work.

Happy (re)searching!