Rowing and Tutoring

Part of my philosophy about teaching and tutoring is based on my first rowing lesson.  Right after introducing himself, the rowing instructor said, “the best way I know how to teach you this new – and sometimes frustrating – skill is to focus on your strengths.  You’ll try. I’ll watch.  Then I’ll be able to tell you what you’re good at and work from there.”  I have used some version of that introduction in almost every class, workshop, and tutoring session since then.  Just like not everyone aims to be (or can be) an Olympic rower, not everyone aims to be (or can be) a professional writer.  Knowing your strengths as a writer, however, can help you find ease – and, yes, even fun – in the writing process.

I look forward to sharing my expertise in writing and law (and now, rowing!)-  and helping you develop your writing skills and ideas.