Law School Personal Statements

Law Personal Statement: Early Draft
Law Personal Statement: Advanced Draft

For several years, I served as a mentor for a program for students who wanted to pursue graduate or professional school.  The program requires the students and the faculty mentors from universities all around the country reside together for one week.  Everyone – staff, faculty, and students – are on task 100% of the time to help the students build their application packets from the ground up.  As a mentor in that program, and long before and after it, I gave a great deal of feedback to students on personal statements for schools, fellowships, and scholarships.

These are some of the most important writings in a person’s professional life and they require a level of personal assessment and honesty that writers often find challenging to tap into without help.  Through Tutoring the Whole Writer, I will help you understand the unique contributions you can make to the university or entity of your choice and work with you to convey that in a way that blends your voice with the professional tone your audience expects.