Freewriting: Moving Past the Blank Page

Understanding that writing is a process is not difficult.
Embracing it as a process can be.

When you come to know your strengths as a writer, it is easier to recognize when you will need more time to complete a project and when you can advance through the writing stages more quickly (aka: when you might have room to procrastinate!).

The earliest stage in the writing process is freewriting.  That means, freewriting happens before any words that actually relate to your topic ever land on the page. Freewriting can help writers warm up to the idea of putting thoughts on paper, even if the ideas have nothing to do with the assignment’s purpose.  This is a wise use of a writer’s time because it helps make the page feel less empty, which is a common concern for many writers.

Through Tutoring the Whole Writer, I help writers become comfortable with freewriting and its intended purpose, especially in those instances when the process seems more daunting than others.