Tutoring the Whole Writer (TWW) is a space for writers of all levels to receive constructive feedback on their ideas and drafts from a writing professor with twenty years of experience.  My teaching, tutoring, and editing style has encouraged thousands of writers to develop their skills and embrace successful writing as a part of their many achievements.

Tutoring the Whole Writer is based on the idea that writers create new possibilities for themselves – and their communities – when they work through their writing as a process toward stronger skills overall.  Re-seeing your relationship to writing can help ease even professional writers’ common concerns about putting their ideas to paper.  That is why Tutoring the Whole Writer is an editing service and much more. Through Tutoring the Whole Writer online tutoring, coaching, and editing, you can discover and cultivate your greatest strengths as a thinker and writer.  Understanding your strengths builds confidence, and confidence allows for an easier time with your writing.  Then, share your tools with other writers – fellow students, colleagues, and your family – and the community will become stronger too.

Take a moment to explore the Tutoring the Whole Writer website. Learn about my professional experience and read what other writers say about working with me.  Review the services I offer and some sample feedback to get a glimpse of the type of sharing and responding you can anticipate. Download the one-page flier or contact me with any questions about my online tutoring, coaching, and editing services.

When you are ready to develop a Tutoring the Whole Writer partnership for your writing journey, visit the Session Requests tab to get started.

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